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Everyone can thrive given the tools and an opportunity.  Through our outreach and programs, we strive to educate, empower and provide the resources necessary to become independent and resilient.

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Welcome Home

Selfcare is necessary for everyone, physically, mentally and emotionally.  We want to give each Returning Citizen a fresh start through our Welcome Home Backpack Program. 


Our backpacks contain essential care products such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, lotion, comb, razor, feminine products for women, disposable cothe wipes, hand sanitizer, and  masks.   

Backpacks are given to DC citizens who have returned home within 30 days of their release.   For a backpack,  complete the form at the bottom of the home page or send an email to or call (202) 372-6548 between 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.


We believe everyone has value and when given a chance to thrive can make a positive impact in our community. 


Broken Chains partnered with Saylor Academy to provide Returning Citizens with access to a free education to obtain a professional certification and college credits so they can compete among the highest qualified candidates in the market. 


Saylor Academy offer certitications in Professioanal Development, IT, Human, Resources, Management, Job Ready Skills and a myriad of other college credit courses that are transferrable to partnering Universities in the DC Metro area.


It is our goal to provide Returning Citizens with the tools to become self-sufficient and remove barriers to obtaining employment, credit, and housing.

To learn more and enroll in courses, click on Saylor Academy Saylor Academy | Broken Chains Inc. | Washington DC ( the Home page under More. or feel free call on  (202) 372-6548.

On the Move

Often times Returning Citizens are unable to attend job interviews, training or even report to their POs because the do not have money for transportation.  In an effort to remove this barrier, we provide Metro Farecards to provide transportation assistance to Returning Citizens.  

One farecard is issued upon request while supplies are available.   Please contact (202) 372-6548 between 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Monday-Friday or send an email to 


Knowledge is Power and the key to success is having the tools and resources to become independent.  Broken Chains host Financial Empowerment sessions to provide information on how to effectively manage money, develop a budget, open a bank account, reduce debt, and build wealth by getting a mortgage.  

These sessions are hosted in the Spring and Fall and are announced under the events tab on this website and on our social media sites. 


Please complete the form at the bottom of the home page to be added to our mailing list so we can notify you of all future events.

Fresh Start

When you look good you feel good.  Broken Chains believe that no one should have to worry about not having enough food to eat or clothes to wear.  

Through our Freshstart program, we provide new to like new clothing items to DC Returning Citizens and underserved families.


We host various Pop Up Shops throughout the year with partnering organizations to provide clothing items for women, men and children to include coats, hats, gloves, professional and casual wear; pants, shirts, blouses, dresses, slacks, suits, sweaters, shorts, sandals, heels, flats, loafers, boots, ties, and belts.

In addition, clothing is provided upon request by contacting Broken Chains via email at, completing the visitors form at the bottom of the Home page or call (202) 372-6548.

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