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Where To Buy Parchment Paper For Spells

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Parchment paper helps your goals, desires and wishes come true faster. Write your spiritual request on the parchment paper and light a candle, place the candle on top of the parchment paper. Read your spiritual request out loud and really say it like you mean it, say it loud and with power. You can put the candle out anytime and light it up again the next day or let the candle burn all the way down in one shot.

Parchment paper is a tin materialproduced using calfskin, sheepskin or goatskin. Its most basic use was aswriting material. In Wizardry, theparchment paper plays the role of a typical paper used alongside plumes and inkto cast spells.

It comes in two dimensions: bleachedparchment, having a translucent white color, or unbleached parchment, which istranslucent tan. Parchment papers can also come in rolls, rectangular sheets,and round sheets.

Parchment paper is generally used towrite down your wishes or wants or even the name(s) of any person you want towork on (including yourself). At that point, place the parchment paperunderneath a burning candle or in magic packs and ju-ju containers. When used in rituals, Parchment Paper aidsyour wants and wishes to work out as expected.

Parchment paper is utilized frequentlyin enchantment. A few people construct their book of shadows totally out ofindividual bits of parchment paper. Parchment paper is likewise used forrecording magical symbols or charms, writing enchantment rituals,spell-crafting and ritual affirmations.

Parchment papers are more durable thanwax paper or the standard lined paper. This is why it is used to write downspells that are transferred from one generation to the other. Magical inks arerecommended for writing on parchment papers.

It is often common for witches to write out spells or partial components of spells for use in conjunction with their magickal workings. Some witches track their success rates, performance, etc. in their personal journal the more expensive of which may be handmade, covered in leather or suede, and boast natural parchment pages or vellum pages. There are witches who also practice spells by writing out simple parchment spells. Parchment spells are very common and easy to learn. In fact, throughout history, some of the oldest writings found on earth are spells and spell fragments from various sources on ancient parchment, vellum, papyrus, as well as carved in stone, metal, and clay.

However, since spell work has been popular among various religions for several millennia and it does not seem to be going out of style with modern day witches any time soon. After a few thousand of years of writing all sorts of books, information, and even spell books, the time came when the volume of writing and printing in the world began to outstrip, by far, the volume of animal skin available for use. As such, a new, less time intensive, less expensive source became necessary and the enterprising publishing world began mass creations of papers of various styles, thicknesses, and qualities to replace the true parchments and vellums.

When adding runes, glyphs, sigils, etc, to a parchment spell, adding them to the four corners of the spell prior to folding them in is a good choice for any witch. When adding spell oils, spell waters, you can add a single drop for each corner and one in the center, or trace your preferred holy/power symbol over the top of the spell. If you want to add additional power, you can anoint the edges of the parchment spell, beginning at the top right hand corner and circling the parchment edges widdershins to send away as for uncrossing, unhexing, and breaking bad habits spells. When drawing power into the spells for wishes, crossings, bindings, etc. start at the top right hand corner and dress the edges of the paper in a deosil motion.

Tying the packet closed, is a three-way system as well with my parchment spells. I loop and tie in direction based on intent of sending or receiving, rotate the packet widdershins/deosil also based


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