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Released in 2012, El Gringo isn't one of the more memorable Scott Adkins vehicles, but it's passable as a Friday night watch. An unidentified traveler only known as "The Man" arrives in a Mexican town with a case full of $2 million, running afoul of drug cartels, DEA officials, and other assorted enemies, all while he simply wants nothing more than a glass of water. Adkins raises the film from what it otherwise would have been without him with an in-over-his-head performance, and the action scenes aren't bad. As the antagonist, Christian Slater is also in tow and equally game as Lieutenant West. Overall, El Gringo is neither a bad action movie nor an especially great one.

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A January release in 2014 doesn't exactly inspire confidence in something bearing the title The Legend of Hercules, and make no mistake, the film is no masterpiece, but taken on its own silly terms, it's a goofy but charming B-movie. Scott Adkins plays the megalomaniacal King Amphitryon, whom the titular demigod, played by Kellan Lutz, seeks to overthrow. 2014 also saw the release of the Dwayne Johnson-led Hercules that summer, and when all was said and done, neither made that big an impact with most leaning a bit more favorably to the latter. Adkins is easily the standout of The Legend of Hercules, handling the fight scenes inspired by the epic scope of 300 beautifully and giving one of his hammiest villain performances to date. If you've got 90 minutes to kill, The Legend of Hercules will at least keep you on board with Scott Adkins going all in as its villain. 350c69d7ab


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