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How to Customize Your Nexus VST with Skins

How to Customize Your Nexus VST with Skins

Nexus VST is one of the most popular and powerful synthesizers for music production. It offers a huge library of presets, effects, and expansions for different genres and styles. But did you know that you can also change the look and feel of Nexus VST with skins?

Nexus vst skins

Skins are custom-made graphical interfaces that replace the default one of Nexus VST. They can give your synth a new personality, mood, or vibe. Some skins are designed to match certain genres, such as EDM, trap, or lo-fi. Others are inspired by famous hardware synths, such as Moog, Roland, or Korg. And some are just plain fun and creative.

In this article, we will show you how to find, download, and install skins for Nexus VST. We will also share some of our favorite skins that you can try out for yourself.

Where to Find Skins for Nexus VST

There are many sources where you can find skins for Nexus VST. Some of them are official, while others are made by fans and users. Here are some of the best places to look for skins:

  • The official reFX website: This is where you can buy and download Nexus VST and its expansions. It also offers dozens of free skins that you can choose from. You can browse them by category and preview them before downloading.

  • AREFYEV Studio: This is a blog that provides free resources for music producers. It has a collection of 10 free skins for Nexus VST that you can download in one zip file. The skins are varied and colorful, ranging from dark and futuristic to bright and retro.

  • YouTube: This is a great place to discover new skins for Nexus VST. You can watch videos that showcase different skins and how they look on the synth. You can also find links to download the skins in the video description or comments.

How to Install Skins for Nexus VST

Installing skins for Nexus VST is very easy and straightforward. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Download the skin file from the source. It should be a zip or rar file that contains a folder with the skin name.

  • Extract the folder from the zip or rar file and copy it to your Nexus content folder. This is where you have installed Nexus VST and its expansions. The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\VstPlugins\Nexus Content\Skins.

  • Open your DAW and load Nexus VST on a track.

  • Click on the System button on the top right corner of Nexus VST.

  • Click on the Skin tab and select the skin you want to use from the drop-down menu.

  • Enjoy your new skin!

Some of Our Favorite Skins for Nexus VST

To give you some inspiration, here are some of our favorite skins for Nexus VST that we recommend you to try out:

  • Bigtone Signature 4: This is a sleek and elegant skin that comes with the Bigtone Signature 4 expansion pack. It has a dark gray background with blue accents and a futuristic font. It looks great on any genre, especially electronic and ambient music.

  • Lo-fi 2: This is a cozy and nostalgic skin that comes with the Lo-fi 2 expansion pack. It has a warm brown background with vintage elements and a handwritten font. It suits perfectly for lo-fi hip hop, chillout, and downtempo music.

  • Melodic Techno: This is a vibrant and energetic skin that comes with the Melodic Techno expansion pack. It has a bright orange background with geometric shapes and a modern font. It matches well with melodic techno, progressive house, and trance music.



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